Save Our Youth
"Our aim is to be a key role in the self improvement and progressive process of youth ages 6-17 in the Brownsville and East New York area."
             Our "Save Our Youth" campaign consists of our "Mannies, Nannies and Grannies" after school program. This program will bring together teen aged mothers and fathers along with nurturing elders in the community to provide an educational and well monitored environment filled with positive energy to teach them "Economic Awareness 101" and "Talent Appreciation"  

Save Our Streets

  "Our aim here is to engage existing resident associations and helping them patrol the streets and helping neighbors that are in need."

                  We intend to "Save Our Streets" by conducting our first ever "Operation Safe Passage" campaign. This program will provide our young people with a safe route that is carefully monitored to and from school. It will provide elders with assistance in crossing the street safely, in addition to helping them home on a safe route that will allow them to arrive home with their groceries and/or baggage intact.

  Squash The Beef

  "Our aim is to broaden our children's vocabulary and teach them to use literary devices to ensure healthy debates instead of violent behaviors."

  Our "Squash The Beef" campaign will consist of us maintaining our "Friday Night Youth Ciphers". These ciphers will provide young people with an outlet to channel their energies via open mic sessions. Youths will eagerly teach and learn the importance of cooperating with each other as opposed to using violence to solve disagreements. They will articulate their thoughts and feelings through spoken word, singing, rapping, dancing and dramatic improvisation.






Increase The Peace

"It is imperative that we replace that negative image by exposing the limitless potential within the existing residents, whom would love to assist us as being that catalyst in creating a new character for our neighbors and neighborHOOD" .    

             This campaign deals primarily with the executive aspect of our organization. Here is were we build and maintain good relationships with other community based organizations as well as city, state, and federal officials and agencies along with local churches, businesses and unions in our neighborhoods. We are honestly tired of seeing Brownsville and East New York portrayed in mass media as some type of war zone where only savages live. Our message to the world is that there are lots of decent people that reside here and just because everyone will not be able to make it out of the "hood" doesn't mean that there aren't people here that would like to make it better where we live.

If you or someone you know:
  • Are between the ages of 6 - 24!?

  • Have a skill or talent that wants it to be known!?

  • Have a passion for fashion!?

  • Would like to be enlightened and empowered!?

  • Crave to be a part of something bigger than yourself!?       

  • Want to become a member, volunteer or help D.U.E.C.E.S!?                                                                    



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