What is D.U.E.C.E.S!?


                   DUECES is an acronym for Do yoU's Enlightenment & Cultural Empowerment Services!? D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. is a grass roots community based nonprofit organization that is geared towards Youth Empowerment and Community Development. Our mission and our goals are alike: To Save our Youth; Save our Streets; Squash the Beef and to Increase the peace, not only in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y., but ultimately in all other under served communities as well. The primary purpose of our organization is to establish a central location where individuals, families and youths in Brownsville and surrounding communities can gain access to resources and developmental tools that will promote awareness of civic responsibilities, instill strong moral values, and discourage violence, while enriching these individuals socially, culturally and morally. We fulfill our purpose by promoting a proactive approach to rebuilding poverty stricken communities by attending to and satisfying the common needs and interests of young people in said communities.






















                                  Our Purpose






                  To establish a central location where individuals, families and youths in the Brownsville section and neighboring communities of Brooklyn, N.Y. can gain access to resources and developmental tools that will promote awareness of civic responsibilities, instill strong moral values, and discourage violence, while enriching these individuals socially, culturally and morally. The purpose further includes creating projects that will provide exposure to arts, music, cultural and civic activities designed to enhance lifestyle and livelihood, provide positive learning experiences, build self-esteem and self confidence and promote respect for self, family and peers. 

                                                            Our Mission

                 Founded in 2014, we are committed to empowering the young people ages 13-25 of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y. to develop themselves and their community by equipping them with employable skills delivered through educational and vocational training, mentoring, internships and other literacy programs available through after-school care, evening classes, weekends and summer programs. As they are the potential future leaders of their community, we work hard to instill core values such as loyalty, integrity, respect, courage and selflessness.


                                                             The Vision

                  For the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y. to become a positive and safe environment conducive to the thriving of families and businesses as it becomes a cultural, political and economic power house.

                                      Our Values

Community, Loyalty, Accountability, Integrity,

Respect, Selflessness, Dignity, Love,

Empowerment, Trust, Discipline

-Helem Teran   (Age  14) 

@ 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program!? 


"My experience working with D.U.E.C.E.S. this summer was a great one. I've learned so many things about the Brownsville community, about being a future leader in this world and that I can do anything  and be anything I want to be. D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. has helped me grow holistically each day and helped me to come out of my shell."

-Darrell Stephens     (Age 16)

@ 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program!? 


"D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. has had a major impact on my life. I realized that being successful doesn't mean having a lot of money, it means making a positive change in society and in our community. Mr. C. Aaron Hinton telling us about how he started this organization off of food stamps alone showed me that anything in this world is possible. "

-Zuly Argueta           (Age  17)

@ 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program!? 

"I really enjoyed waking up and coming to work everyday this summer because I knew I was coming in to help make a change for the my community at large especially as it pertains to our youth and future. Coming to D.U.E.C.E.S. I felt welcomed and grew comfortable with everyone here. I really enjoyed growing alongside everyone, young people as well as the grownups. We all got something from one another and D.U.E.C.E.S. is not just an organization, it's a family to me."

        People's experience                   with D.U.E.C.E.S!
Executive Director:
C Aaron Hinton
Pre-Registration For Volunteering Opportunities
Come out and get pre registered to have a chance at securing a potential employment opportunity. All NYCHA residents are eligible. Be a part of history and the development of your commUNITY.
Apr 28, 9:00 AM EDT – May 09, 5:00 PM EDT
137 Belmont Ave,
137 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212, USA

-Joshua Joseph          (Age  14)

@ 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program!? 


"This summer at D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. has been fun and informational. I really enjoyed my time here and I hope that I continue my time at D.U.E.C.E.S. past the summer and be able to become an active member in the organization. I can't wait to see me and the organization grow and thrive in the future."

-Jaheim Murdough        (Age  15)

@ 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program!? 


"Being a part of D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. really did make a huge impact in my  life. I learned how to stay positive and provide selfless service to my  community. It is important that we "Squash the Beef" and "Increase the Peace". I can see D.U.E.C.E.S. and I together for the long run. This will be one of the best memories in my life. Thank you Mr. C. Aaron Hinton for making this great organization and providing me with this great opportunity."

-Masiah Milton 

        age 16 

@  2018 Summer Kick-Off


"In 3 -5 years I would love to see even more events like this one. If there are more events like this in the neighborhood, then the community would stick together. In the future I would love to see D.U.E.C.E.S. Inc. reach their goals 100% so that they can host much BIGGER and BETTER events. "

If you or someone you know:
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